2018.07.09 Get rid of depression and regain yourself

Out of her depression, she reclaimed her previous life
– A testimonial on how Energy Bagua helped a young financial professional regained health

Being in our 20s is a beautiful age for any girl. But to Liu Zhang who suffered from depression for 4 years, each day was a long and arduous process filled with anxiety and pain. Recently, Energy Bagua brought a ray of hope to Liu Zhang’s life! Let us listen to her sharing!

I am Liu Zhang. Though I have relatively little life experience, I have, already suffered so much from illnesses. I have been depressed for 4 years. There were several causes to this illness: work, studies, interpersonal relations, family issues, etc. In the beginning, I was not even aware I was falling into depression. When I finally knew, my body deteriorated very quickly and I was unable to work, interact with people or sleep. I could see very strange things and hear strange sounds frequently. I decided I should perhaps give up my work in the financial sector and settle for an office based work in order to have a simpler work life. However, due to the daily mental torture, I continued to suffer from back pain, stiff neck, weak hands and deteriorating eyesight. My health condition was not reflective of my young age. I appeared quite normal to others, but I would quietly endure the pains. I was afraid to sleep at night as I would have nightmares, or I would hear strange sounds and wake up in panic. It had been a long 4 years and I could only hope for one moment of peace in my life!

On 16 April this year, I came to the Bodhi Meditation Centre in New York to attend a 7-day Energy Bagua foundation course. I felt good instantly on the first day of the Bagua training. I continued with the second, third day and so on. Day after day, I see fewer and fewer strange sights. Before this course, I used to be fearful walking past cemetery or even walking in a park in bright sunlight. I consulted both Chinese physicians and western doctors. Unfortunately, the Chinese medicine prescribed to me caused nosebleeds, so I stopped. On the other hand, the western medicine prescribed to me caused side effects, retarding my response, making me unable to recall things I had said. I realized the medicine worked to control one symptom, but would lead to other symptoms. A few days ago, I had stopped taking all my prescribed medicine. After practicing Bagua, there was a big improvement in my appetite and sleep. I used to have weak arms and would feel that my bones were breaking up whenever I tried to lift up heavy things. Now, others around me have noticed that I am strong again and able to lift things easily. I feel that I am back to the days in 2014, before I was struck with the illness of depression. I am very happy now, as I have regained my previous self!

I am very grateful to all the teachers at the meditation center, the volunteers and Grandmaster JinBodhi! I hope more people will practice Energy Bagua, and step out of the shadow of illnesses just like me, to usher in the beautiful life!

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