2018.10.22 – Energy Bagua Beginner’s Class

Energy Bagua Beginner’s Class

Energy Bagua Beginners Course Registration is now open!

Energy Bagua Walking Meditation is originated from ancient Chinese culture and practice. It was developed by Grandmaster JinBodhi as a modern unique meditation technique. Practicing Energy Bagua helps relax your body and mind, improve flexibility and firmness and increase your energy level.

Energy Bagua Walking Meditation brings happiness and health to everyone. The class is taught by certified teachers; it is easy to learn and no experience necessary. Everyone is welcome to join!

Date: Oct 22nd (Mon)- Oct. 28th (Sun) 9:30AM- 1PM

The class is on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Complementary Vegetarian Lunch will be served.
please call the Bodhi Meditation Center for more information: 718-886-1122


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