2019.09.22 – Bodhi Introductory Session/Energy-Enhancement

【Bodhi Meditation Introductory Session/ Energy Blessing Workshop】

Bodhi Meditation was founded by Grandmaster JinBodhi. It is a simple and unique way to learn meditation. Fill yourself with energy and compassion from the universe and regain a happy life.

Come and experience how this unique meditation can help you purify your body/mind and unleash the creative power within you.

* Increase self-awareness
* Stronger emotional intelligence
* Greater mental clarity, focus and inspiration.

The session is led by experienced meditation instructors who will guide you through the meditation, answer your questions and provide energy blessing.

Date: 9/22/2019
Time: 2pm- 5pm

Location: Bodhi Meditation Center
Phone: 718-886-1122
Address: 131-27 Fowler Ave. Flushing, NY 11355

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