2019.1.12 Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Birthday Celebration (Saturday )

Under the joint efforts of our brothers and sisters, the benefits and effects of lighting the candle in the Meditation Center are widely known to more and more people. More people will come to the center and light candles immediately when they encounter dangerous and difficult situations. The difficulties turn to the positive side or turn into smaller problems or the issue resolves entirely after lighting the candle. The miraculous effects of candle-lighting cannot be separated from Master’s blessings and the sincere heart of the person who offers the candle-light. In order to give back to all the sisters and brothers who have offered the candle-lights, and also to give everyone an opportunity to collect more merits and virtues, the Center will hold a chanting session in the morning 8:20AM-9:00AM everyday to return all the merits of chanting to all sisters and brothers who have offered candle-lights. May all their wishes come true. Everyone is welcome to participate. 

Also, in order to celebrate Grandmaster JinBodhi’s birthday, illuminate our body and mind, cleanse our negative karma, transform our life, and to allow Master’s protections and blessings to accompany us through the cold winter, the Center has especially launched “108-Day Candle-Light of Reverence for Master” ($380/each), without Master’s great vow for all sentient beings, we won’t have the happiness and health that we enjoy today. Let us offer a candle light for our Master in front of Buddha to thank our beloved Master for all his generous giving, and may he have great health, may the world be filled with Light. 
108-Day Candle-Light of Reverence for Master  

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