4.9.2017 Annual Bathing the Buddha Festival Celebration

April 29, 2017, the New York Bodhi Meditation Center held the annual Bathing the Buddha Festival Celebration, also known as the Wesak Day Celebration. Siddhartha Gautama was born a prince 2600 years ago in Kapilavatthu, India. He later achieved enlightenment and became Sakyamuni Buddha. The teaching of Buddhism was the result of the advent of Sakyamuni Buddha. The teachings have been a path of liberation for all sentient beings for their afflictions and sufferings. As a result, the eighth of the fourth month in the Chinese lunar calendar sees Buddhists celebrate the birth of Sakyamuni Buddha worldwide. Approximately 300 guests attended this special event

The dharma stage is offered beautiful, fragrant flowers, fresh fruits, symbolizing the attendees’ utmost reverence and respect for Buddha.

Meditation Teacher Ruxue and all the candle-offering volunteers kindled the countless lotus candles on the altar. Candle-offering, or light- offering, is a Buddhist tradition that symbolizes the offering of the sincerest heart to Buddha.

Master Jin Bodhi prepared a dharma lecture on the origin of the Wesak Celebration, and the benefits of chanting. Master compassionately taught us a method that can change fate, which involves asking Buddha to endow blessings onto our loved ones by chanting with utmost sincerity.


 Showering the Buddha with purified water symbolizes purification of our body and mind, as well as, to be freed from calamities, and be blessed with good fortune. Many attendees waited in line to shower the golden Buddha statue.

The Wesak Celebration finished in a joyful and tranquil atmosphere. We are most grateful to Master Jin Bodhi for his compassionate teaching, guidance, and blessings, to all the volunteers for their sincere devotion and hard-work, and to all the guests for celebrating this important day with us! We sincerely wish that everyone will be blessed with Buddha’s Light and obtain inner happiness, joy, good health and great fortune!

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