New Bagua CD

Energy Bagua is gaining popularity around the world; many people benefitted through the practice of Energy Bagua, they regained good health, restored youth and even found happiness. To help all practitioners gain an in-depth experience on the spirit of Energy Bagua and to reach the realm of becoming as one with the Universe, Grandmaster JinBodhi has personally recorded a music CD for the practice of Energy Bagua. This is one of the teaching material for Energy Bagua, Grandmaster JinBodhi welcomes everyone to join him in the practice.

The techniques learnt from Energy Bagua can be applied to various aspects of life, we look forward to you joining us. Let us practice together and gain wisdom, good health and happiness.

Please follow Grandmaster JinBodhi …

Greet the morning sun with delight, stroll under the moonlight in peace I am the tree and the tree is me, be at peace and feel the light. Become one with the moon and stars, communicate with the mountains, rivers and the vast land. One round after another, experience the wonders of Energy Bagua, blend in with the nature between heaven and Earth…

How do you purchase the CD?

The Energy Bagua Daily Practice Guide is available at all Bodhi Meditation Centers around the world. If you wish to contact Global Bodhi Meditation Centers for further information, you may do so at:

You can also visit our shop to purchase a digital copy by clicking the picture links below.

To listen to a sample of the new CD, please click the play button for your language of choice below.


Energy Bagua Daily Practice Guide (Mandarin)

Energy Bagua Daily Practice Guide (Mandarin)

Energy Bagua Daily Practice Guide (Mandarin)

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