Parkinson – I want to conquer you! !

Parkinson’s disease is like “a deadly form of cancer”: trembling, stiff limbs, abnormal way of walking, slow movement, severe dementia and depression… For the elderly and middle-aged group, Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is now the third leading cause of death after cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Up till 2017, there are approximately 5 million people with PD worldwide. This figure is increasing every year.

Yilin Lu is stricken with PD for 6 1/2 years. Apart from feeling weak and dizzy, he often trembles and struggles to make the slightest movement. When his depression becomes more severe, he felt that there is no hope in life; his world is dark and he often have suicidal thoughts. The current available medical treatment is of no help to him.

In the midst of frantically searching for medical treatment which, so far, were unsuccessful, he came to know Bodhi Meditation.

What is the miracle Yilin Lu found at last? Let’s hear him out.

(Note: meditation results vary for each individual)

* Bodhi Meditation does not advocate stopping or reducing dosage of medication, please follow the doctor’s advice.

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