Sister FuPeng Testimony

Meditation, helped me bid farewell to breast cysts.

Let’s hear the sharing of Fupeng from New York, USA~
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FuPeng, New York, United States.

In 2013, I went for a routine physical examination. The doctor said that many cysts as big as grapes were found in my breast. Upon hearing this news, I was surprised as I have never felt any discomfort in my breasts. I asked the doctor for advice. The doctor said, “There is no other way other then to monitor for another half a year, If there is deterioration, we can only surgically remove them!”. After half a year, the situation has not improved. I felt quite upset. 

In March 2015, I signed up for The 8.5 Day Bodhi Meditation Health & Happiness Retreat. In the class, when I was listening to the blessing music, I suddenly vomited and felt very comfortable after that. That experience convinced me that I found the right place that would help me become healthier. I was very happy. Subsequently I often visit Bodhi Meditation Center to participate in various courses, such as the Health and Happiness Retreat, Chanting Class, etc. From September, I also started to work voluntarily in Bodhi Meditation Center. My mind and body are becoming more and more clear, healthy and comfortable.

About half a year after meditation, I went to the hospital for an examination. I was pleased to learn that my breast cysts had disappeared by more than half. I continued my meditation. When Iwent for check-up again at the end of 2016, the doctor showed me the scan results that the breast cysts had completely disappeared. I was so happy about it! In the absence of medicine, without surgery, and just through meditation, my breasts had return to normal. It is incredible!

Thereafter, I had always persisted in doing my meditation practices. It is almost like my daily meals and it has become a daily routine for me. I believe that with consistent meditation practice, I will maintain my good health and happiness in the future.

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